Bleacher Buddie Beginnings

As a dedicated sport mom, I attended all games and practices, and my son, Brecken, played everything! He played hockey since the age of 2.  At 8, I became a Goalie Mom! I spent more time in cold arenas then not.  Then at 16 he decided to give football a go! Well boy o' boy, did I get a "cold awakening". One fall day in particular was beautiful, and as the day ran into the evening and the sun disappeared, it was no longer beautiful, it was cold! I realized that I had no time to go home to change before the football game.  Off I go the the freezing aluminum bleachers, only to have it rain on me before halftime.  I was so cold and couldn't focus on the game at all, never mind be able to answer all the "hey, did you see..." questions! All I could think about was what I could do to stay WARM and DRY! You know the old saying, Necessity is the mother of invention.. that's when the idea of Bleacher Buddie came to me.  As I talked to Brecken about this on the way home, he said " I think you should do it mom, and call it Bleacher Buddie"  So I did.